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The maps of the world and some lore is based off of the work of Philip Stephen and are not mine. A link to Philip’s game will be below.

Now that I’ve properly referenced the source material and original inspiration of the game, I guess I’ll just jump right into it.

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m what you call a “Dungeon Master”, and no, its not the sexual kind. Come on, yah we’re on a fantasy role-playing site… but come on. Anyways, I’ve been playing D&D 4e since… late 2012 maybe early 2013? I’ve been the DM of most of the games I’ve played, so I have at least a little bit of experience under my belt. That and I obsessively read the D&D 4e handbooks, manuals, magazines, etc in my free time.

I have this kind of… wanting, to create something with a lot of depth. And guess what? D&D is a great outlet for that! However, I’m terrible at drawing maps and keeping up with history in my own worlds (bogs me down a bit, wondering if such-and-such should affect this-and-that). But, then I found good old Philip’s game when scrolling through world maps on Roll20 (the online table top we use, link below). I really like Philip’s map, and used it in a short lived game. Then a relatively new player in my D&D group asked if I wanted to DM a D&D game for him and his friends on Reddit. And guess what I said? What are you stupid? That was a rhetorical question, I wouldn’t be typing this if I hadn’t said yes! Am I too harsh on you reader? I’m sorry, I have a thick 4th-wall-breaking / ironic sense of humor that comes out in my writing. Well, you know that player what introduced me to his Vape group? He also wanted to record and post our sessions on YouTube (hopefully those will still be around, I like to use them as references for things I said and can’t remember).

Then, eventually, at some point, I discovered Philip had a page for his game, with some lore! And that he had posted an improved higher Resolution version of the map! OH HAPPY DAY!

I like to create world lore based on poems, movies, jokes, novels, really just anything I guess. I mean I’m pretty sure the last boss they fought (September 19th, 2016), was some reference to a joke or something. I think it was something to do with Power Rangers…
I get a lot of DM advice from some of my favorite D&D podcasts, I’ll link a few of those below.

But umm…. yah. Not sure what else to talk about here.
I’m assuming its not like a blog post system on this page, where I update it from time to time. So yah :/ welcome to what we like to call Vape D&D, where pretty all the players vape and the DM makes literal memes.

Oh yah, heres our YouTube and stuff, guess I’ll embed that :/

Phil’s stuff —> http://www.estea.obsidianportal.com/
Roll20 —> http://www.roll20.net/
Dungeons & Randomness —> http://www.dandrpodcast.com/
Critical Hit (Major Spoilers Entertainment) —> http://www.majorspoilers.com/
Drunks & Dragons (Geekly Inc.) —> http://www.geeklyinc.com/
Distractions (Distractions Media) —> http://www.distractionsmedia.com/

Sorry, not sure how links work on Obsidian Portal, so you’ll have to copy and paste the URLs into your browser :/ sorry again

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